Wireless Networking

ECNETSERV's Wireless Networking Services provide small businesses with the design and installation of an affordable wireless solution for their offices. Most businesses today require mobility in the workplace, so it is important to have a reliable and scalable wireless network for your employees.

If your office has employees that use laptops and you don't want to be burdened with the cost of paying for more network cabling, then a wireless network is the perfect solution for you. Adding wireless connectivity to an existing wired network costs less than installing more network cabling for your growing number of employees.

Some of our wireless network services include:

 Wireless Network Installation: We can design and install a wireless network at your business to provide your mobile users with the functionality they need.

 Wireless Network Security: A properly configured wireless security plan will keep unwanted users out of your network. Using wireless security protocols such as WEP and WPA, we can block unknown users from accessing your confidential business data.

 Wireless Network Troubleshooting: If your existing wireless network isn't operating correctly, we can perform a wireless site survey to determine the potential causes of your problems. We can help resolve issues such as wireless clients losing their signal or noticable slowness when accessing network resources.


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